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Welcome to Aston!

Aug 17, 2017

Written by Sailesh Patel

First of all, welcome to Aston!

The first thing you need to know about the Aston Computer Science Society is that we’re here for anybody who loves technology. You don’t need to be a Computer Science student or even remotely experienced - all you need is an interest in tech.

Starting University can be difficult, so we’ve made a quick list of things we recommend you do!

Tl;dr - follow our social media, attend lots of events, check out the wider tech community, and take as many opportunities as possible!

1. Keep up-to-date

As it says across the top of this site, you should subscribe to our mailing list, which will keep you up to date with all the things we’ve got going on! We also recommend following us on Twitter, liking our Facebook page and joining our Facebook group as we tend to announce a lot of important news via them.

We also have a Calendar which we keep updated with all the exciting events we have planned!

2. Come along to events!

We hope that you’ll dive right in to ACSS events from September, and the best way to start is by coming to our welcome event. You’ll find out about what we’ve got planned over the year, and all about our awesome events! Even if you come along to a couple of our socials or maybe pop along to the odd tech event, we’ll make sure that there’s something for you. Welcome event date tbc.

Although we host loads of events throughout the year, our biggest event is our yearly hackathon called AstonHack, with this year being our third. Hackathons are huge invention marathons which are usually 24 or 48 hours long, and participants (otherwise known as hackers) invent awesome websites, apps and hardware hacks which they show off to everybody else at the end of the event! It’s a great weekend, full of hacking and learning, and we hope to see you at ours.

3. Get involved in the Brum tech community

One of the best parts of Birmingham (apart from the city itself of course) is the amazing tech community.

As well as AstonHack, other Universities also host hackathons - BrumHack at the University of Birmingham, and BullHacks held at Birmingham City University - both of them fantastic! We strongly recommend you get involved in them.

The city is host to a number of meetups, with usually multiple happening in one week. You probably don’t want to go to all of them, but it can be a great experience to check them out every once in a while. We’ll let you know when a few of us are going to one.

4. Have fun!

It’s your first year at University, so from all of us here, we hope you have an amazing time! Whether you come to one or one hundred ACSS events, we’re always here for you and we hope you’ll come to love us as much as we love you!